Eagle Boy Explorers - Testimonies

Testimony from Previous Eagle Explorers

"My name is Tristan, and I am a member of an organization called FNE Explorers. Contrary to our outward appearance, we are not boy scouts because the goal of our group is to get children closer to God and by doing so be good people and responsible citizens.

I would like to tell you about how I came to join the Explorers. I joined last year, during Lent. My mother encouraged me to join or at least go for one night. I was quite sceptical, since I did not know anybody and I was not a fan of awkward situations. My mom brought me to the parish to our Explorers, Blessed Trinity. I went into the church to do Stations of the Cross with the other Timberwolves and Explorers, and I did honestly feel quite awkward, as anybody would when they are in new situations. After mass, I did not know what to do, and I was afraid to ask anybody since I did not know anybody. However a very kind leader named Manatee came up to me and told me what we were doing and where we were going to go. I began to get excited when I heard that we were going to go somewhere. We went to house of one of my fellow explorers, Justin. We had lots of fun and I realized that the movement wasn’t just about worship. It was about having a good time expanding our faith. I told my mom that I had a good time and I was excited for the next week.

One place that helped me grow in my faith was during our annual summer camp. It was truly one of my best experiences, and I really felt close to God, because the prayer that I did was strong, and what I felt was an urge to be close and to get to know God. Though much time was well spent with adoration, we also had many games and many fun activities, such as wide games and canoeing.

One of the greatest things that has made me feel at home here are the people involved. The explorers are very kind people, who are very dedicated to God, and the leaders are excellent at helping us stay away from sin and keep on the way to heaven. One leader especially is our troop leader, who is the most devoted person that I have ever met. He is very dedicated to our group, and truly cares about all of the Explorers and Timber Wolves. His hard work has helped many of the Explorers and Timber Wolves to be closer to our God, and I thank him so much for doing so.

I love being an Explorer and through this brief testimony I invite other boys to come and join our awesome movement, to have an exciting time, to make new friends and to explore the world in a constructive and positive manner."

      - Tristan Lipton