Explorer Company - Dove Girls

Explorer Philosophy


Our girls, as part of their Explorer Company program, experience and participate in a wide range of activities that support key personal values and our FNE principles.


Key Explorer values are broken down into three distinct areas around which the program is built, to support and encourage while providing enough challenge to keep our Explorers interested:


Trust - in self, members of the Company, our movement and mankind (while being self-aware, to be responsible for one's actions and that of others).


Dedication - to finish what you start, to work hard, to support the troop and our FNE movement, not to give up.



Chastity - to live their promise and law, to become the best that they can be, to be a responsible, successful and happy member of our community.




The first responsibility of the Explorer is at home, then to take responsibility for her country, to stand up for a free and sisterly world, while also being proud of and practising her faith.


There is a rigorous progression program developed to improve practical skills while being willing to serve others better for our Explorers to follow, starting with Promise cross requirements, 2nd Class Award, and then finally the 1st Class Award.


There are additional speciality areas to explore to ensure that our members are very well challenged. Subject areas and related program activities include, but are not limited to, service to the community, woodcraft skills, sports, nature study, acting, tracking, camping skills, survival skills, leadership development and much much more.


The girl's group meets every second Friday evenings from 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. through virtual meetings during time of the pandemic.